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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am a frequent business traveller and have used BBTM for the past 20 years. My business was initially established in the Tunbridge Wells area in the early 90’s, and rapidly expanded both nationally and internationally. During this period, I lived in Yorkshire and later on in Germany. Despite having the obvious opportunity to work with more local agents, I preferred and continued to favour BBTM to look after my travel itineraries. Quite simply, this is down to exemplary service. My often complicated and changing requirements are always handled efficiently, professionally and courteously. Moreover, the people I deal with did not change during that period. Such continuity and loyalty of staff is rare these days. Dealing with the same people who understand my needs and requirements is a major reason behind my own customer loyalty.”

Travel Buyer – Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Travel Agency

Pharmaceutical Travel Agency

“We have used BBTM for over 20 years and find them the most helpful company.

I don’t believe many people actually know the level of work that the BBTM team gets involved with, or the amount of work they cover. They keep on top of many areas of travel/flight/hotel…nothing is too small or too big to handle.

Their knowledge of our company and the travel side of the business is second to none, and invaluable. With [our] last minute cancellations of flights or hotels, they bend over backwards to help and rearrange with no complaints. BBTM are like our family to our business can be contacted 24 hours a day without any problems.”

Travel Buyer – Pharmaceutical Sector

“We have successfully worked with BBTM and Baldwins Travel leisure holidays for 25 years. I have found them to be an extremely reliable and supportive travel agent.

There have been moments when our managers and export sales executives, including me, have learnt on arrival at an overseas airport for departure on a booked flight that the return flight to the UK has been cancelled. BBTM or their 24-hour emergency service has arranged alternative flights to ensure safe arrival back in the UK without too much delay.”

Managing Director – Automotive and Chemical Industry

Automotive Travel Agency