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Global Business Travel Review

In 2022, leading travel consortium, The Advantage Travel Partnership, and travel data management specialists, Travelogix, produced three carefully curated Global Business Travel Reviews.

Baldwins Business Travel Management is delighted to be working closely with both The Advantage Travel Partnership and Travelogix to present you with the very latest business travel trends, behaviours and experiences from around the globe. These reports examine, amongst other things, transactional data relating to the value and volumes of business travel bookings, through to traveller behaviour metrics on trip durationand booking horizons.

Much ground was covered in 2022, and this will be continued in 2023 to inform and educate the business travel community. With many contributors from across a myriad of travel categories and verticals that make upthe business travel space, the collaborative ethos around the Global Business Travel Review remains, and we here at Baldwins Business Travel Management are thrilled to be able to share this with you via our good friends at The Advantage Travel Partnership and Travelogix.

Global Business Travel Review – June 2023

Read the full Global Business Travel Review below: